Automation, Control & Process


Areas of Focus:
Industrial automation & process technology

In Cowex we are focusing on solutions within the areas of industrial-IT, automation and process technology for aquaculture (fish farming), water supply and process industry (industrial automation).

Cowex is specialised in process technical solutions focusing on water treatment and computer based control, regulation and supervision. We possess an updated process-technical knowledge and use the latest technology within automation and software programming to tailor-make complete solutions within automation. Cowex performs in cooperation with you, a closer analysis of your plant, your needs and your wishes.

This is our guarantee to secure you the best solution, without excess of technical facilities, but with a build-in future security for later extensions.

Industries we serve:
Aquaculture, water supply, water treatment and process industry

In Cowex we are focusing on solutions within the areas of industrial-IT, automation and process technology for aquaculture (fish farming), water supply and process industry (industrial automation).

Cowex A/S develops solutions within the industries water supply & waste water, process industry and aquaculture (industrialised fish farming). Within water supply and waste water we make solutions for large municipals as well as smaller private plants. Within the process industry we serve some of Denmark’s largest businesses at the same time as we create specialised solutions adapted smaller companies.

Within aquaculture we make solutions mainly to industrialised plants with build-in water treatment and recirculation.

The key-parameter

At Cowex we are convinced that the key to success is quality. Therefore quality is the most important factor in the jobs we do, in our choice of components and in the composition of our solutions. Many years of experience within instrumentation and electrical as well as mechanical engineering is the background to our customers’ satisfaction with our solutions fulfilling their needs, long into the future. This experience and knowledge is a key-parameter at Cowex where our technicians take care of production and service, and our engineers are specialised in programming, engineering, documentation and development.

Process control:

In the area of industrial-IT Cowex develops and delivers solutions within MES, SCADA and process control. Process control for control and regulation, SCADA for supervision and data capture and MES (Management Execution Systems) containing production planning, control, supervision and automatic data capture. A system able to perform what is planned and to document the performed production. No matter the extent of the solution matching your needs, we program it specifically to you with basis in our own user-friendly standard objects, making the solutions financially attractive.

Switchboard production

Cowex designs and produces control- and electrical switchboards, offering exceptional possibilities for a productive utilization of a company’s electrical resources and production machinery. All tasks are solved professionally and includes design, PC/PLC programming and documentation performed by our engineers. And the switchboards are produced, tested and run-in at our own workshop by our experienced technicians. The switchboards are built up by well-known quality components and our suppliers are chosen with quality as the most important parameter. With us as switchboard supplier you will enjoy more than 25 years of experience within industrial-, electrical and control switchboards together with a good and competitive cooperation.

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