Determination of necessary and correct instrumentation is carried out by Cowex based on many years of experience from special assignments. As a customer this provides you a solution where the operational security is top class.

All the way through the system quality and reliability are of greatest importance. This is to secure you easy and fast communication and hereby reliable measurements with high precision.

Our solution concepts contain well-arranged instrumentation to secure that unnecessary cabinets and boxes are excluded from the construction. This gives the possibility of a tailor-made solution with exactly the instruments necessary in your plant.

Furthermore Cowex has through the years build-up an experience in the area of pump- and machine technology, this secures, that our costumers gets the best consult regarding pump- and machine technical solutions.

The design phase can also include the use of extern specialists, within special process areas. This guarantees a clear responsibility for a well-running instrumentation. Cowex supplies complete instrumentation solutions with assembly, cabling and signal-engineering for the necessary instruments with the use of our special trained technicians.

This ensures a stable solution with quality assurance from beginning till the end and our references can also document increased quality by the use of our instrumentation.